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queerly unique:
art, tattoos, creative design, & consulting

made with curiosity, hope, & magic

iridescent bubbles floating through the breeze. puppies running clumsily through the grass, pouncing after seeing their first butterfly. banda music echoing in the neighborhood on a warm summer night. biting into a slice of a sun ripened persimmon your grandmother lovingly cut for you after school. 


slivers of joy. radiant moments of being held. seen. loved. appreciated. heard. healed. recognized. liberated. this is what hclou art & tattoos aims to evoke in our everyday interactions. 

hclou art & tattoos provides visual art services, tattoos, creative design, and consultations that inspire clients to ask big questions about our identities and affirms our hopeful goals toward intergenerational healing and liberation. each piece of art, design, and/or training is tailored to a person or organization's unique needs. 

if you're excited about vibrant colors, big questions, and loving goofy creatures big and small, let's work together. i'm excited to make queerly unique and inclusive experiences with you in the near future. 

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