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hc is a trauma-informed graphic and illustrative tattoo artist based at Lucky Cat Collective in minneapolis. 


her art is kitschy, colorful, and individualized for clients. there are animals with many very blank eyes, pet portraits galore, and packed with pigment and ink that can make the coldest heart flutter. try to view one of her tattoos and not smile big and bright- i double dog dare you. 

hc's goal is to make tattooing accessible for queer, trans, disabled, fat, femme, black, indigenous, mixed, and people of color in her community. she has developed a QTIBIPOC tattoo fund that is crowdsourced so people with marginalized and minoritized identities can pay for services on a sliding scale. donations to this fund can be send to hc directly via venmo or paypal

if you're hoping for a gentle, silly, and caring time while getting pricked with a bajillion needles with ink, book an appointment today!



flash tattoos

tattoos flash sheets are released once a month on instagram. check hc's highlights and pinned posts for updated designs.


designs are repeated only 1-2x, so snag an appointment while you can.


hc uses vegan and organic ink that is safe for a variety of skin colors, tones, and health. 

custom tattoo requests

clients may commission a custom tattoo for a $100 drawing fee. this includes specific pet portraits, flowers, fruit, vegetables, cover ups, mastectomy and top surgery pieces, and/or your other hilarious and wild dreamy ideas for your skin. 

consultations & color tests

many black, indigenous, mixed, and people of color have been told that we are too dark to have color ink in our skin. the history of white supremacy and colonialism are deeply embedded in tattooing. 

hc is happy to meet with clients to discuss designs, color ink, and other considerations before an appointment. 

if appropriate for the client, hc will test color on your skin before a tattoo project to ensure the best results for your healing and new ink! 

important documents

things to consider before and after your appointment! 

book your appointment today!

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